About 500 T-shirts

I’m George Wood. Since 1975 I’ve worked for the English Service of Radio Sweden, working on our half hour a day radio program reporting on news from Sweden (and previously from the entire Nordic region). For many years I wrote and presented the weekly radio program Sweden Calling DXers, which later became MediaScan, covering news of shortwave radio, and later satellite broadcasting and the Internet.

I’ve also been the stringer for CBS Radio News in Sweden since around 1978.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in California in the 60′s, and then moved to Sweden. Might just be some kind of ex-pat thing, stuck in the trends of one’s youth. But I have been buying and keeping t-shirts wherever I go for at least the past thirty years.

Some are gone, but over time I tended to hang on to most of them. It just seemed reasonable to catalog the collection. Sadly I am not a great photographer, and the camera used for most of these photos was the ProCamera app in the iPhone 3GS (or sometimes just the plain Camera app if the lighting worked better).

Hope you can bear with the less than perfect quality.

George Wood

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