Disneyland Paris Jedi Training Academy

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Growing up in California, my parents took us to Disneyland almost every year. My own kids, growing up in Sweden, haven’t had that opportunity. We took them to the original Disneyland just once, when they were around 7 and 10.

Last year, however, we could take our youngest, then 17, to Disneyland Paris. There were disappointments. The Indiana Jones ride, one of the best things from that earlier visit with the kids in California, in Paris is just a roller coaster, with virtually no Indie content all all.

But the Star Tours ride was the way I remembered, fun and far too short. My old Star Tours t-shirt wore out years ago, and I had hoped to get a new one. But Disneyland Paris, or perhaps France in general, doesn’t seem to be into attracted t-shirts the way the US is. The closest to a Star Tours shirt I could at the stand outside the ride giftshop (which had no t-shirts) was this Property of Jedi Training Academy, with no reference to Disneyland or Star Tours at all.

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